Supreme Momo!

Momo is now Supreme Grand Champion (SGC) Lamancha Kokomo of MakinWaves!

He obtained that title at the JazzyCats show in Sacramento this January.

Big thanks to Lorraine Shelton, who gave him best specialty (shorthair) cat in the show.


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Kokomo making the show rounds

Momo made another appearance in the showhall last weekend, at the SilverCats TICA show in Carson City, Nevada. My friend Susan Senser took and showed him for me since I was doing photos at another show in California.

He got four finals and I believe that now makes him a TRC (triple grand champion).


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Teddy retired

Goldcharm Teddy has been retired from breeding and living with Lynn’s friend Angie in Iowa, being shown as an alter in ACFA. His page will be kept intact for reference. “Teddy”

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Show news, March 2014

Momo at cat show

Kokomo was shown for the first time in years this month at the Wine Country Cat Club show in Ione, CA and did very well, getting four finals including one best all-breed cat. Which makes him Grand CH. He was a huge hit with the spectators, most of whom had never seen a Selkirk Rex cat. He loved all the attention.

A kitten from the Mushu x Momo litter born last year is doing really well at the shows. Dramatails I am Legend, aka Merlin, is showing in the NW area of the U.S. by owner Susan Newell Silva and is currently second best international shorthair Selkirk Rex.

Momo x Beyonce’s girl, Susenscats Sol Dream, aka Solange, was also shown and is currently 8th best longhair Selkirk Rex internationally. She’s made the trip to the UK to live with Sarah of Boucles Selkirk Rex and be shown there and make little chocolate Selkirk kittens.

Both Mushu and Beyonce have been bred again this year by Momo so we’re hoping for more great show winning kittens!



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Susens Sol Dream, aka Solange

This is Susens Sol Dream, aka Solange, bred and owned by Susan Senser of SusensCats. She is a daughter of Kokomo and Susen’s British Longhair Beyonce. Solange had a wonderful show in Las Vegas last weekend, getting finals in 3 rings competing with over 50 kittens in her class. She’s a chocolate longhair Selkirk Rex.


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New photos of Mushu and Momo’s kittens

New photos of kittens from the Mushu x Momo litter born 1/10/13, Mushu is co-owned by Meagan Avants and Lucy Robinson. The black smoke kitten is still available as of 4/17/13 but will probably be spoken for very soon. See for more info.


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New photo of Beyonce and Momo’s litter

Got a few photos of the litter from Beyonce (belonging to Susan Senser) and Kokomo. Very cute! Susan is keeping one of the longhair chocolate girls and the rest of the litter was placed as pets.

Beyonce & Kokomo kittens

Beyonce & Kokomo kittens


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kittens, jan 2013

Momo has recently sired two litters for other breeders:

Born Dec 2012, Four beautiful chocolate kittens for Susan Senser of Susens Selkirk, with her chocolate British Longhair queen Purrceptive Beyonce of Susens, and

Born Jan 2013, Four incredibly cute kittens, mixed colors, for Meagan Avants and Lucy Robinson, with Dramatails Mystic River (Mushu)


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News for Sept 14, 2012

Kokomo has produced three litters (links will open a separate gallery page of photos):

1) with Curly Bears Sassique of Goldcharm, born May 2011, kittens were Goldcharm Teddy(currently living in Iowa at Catequil), Goldcharm Tiberius Rex (owned by Jill Dickson and shown in the alter class), Sophie and Lucy, pet kittens living in Colorado.

2) with Curly Bears Sassafras, born April 8, 2012, owned by Bobbie Squires of CurlyBears, all kittens placed

3) with Curly Bears Sasspirilli of LaMancha, born May 2012, owned by Norma and Bill Nothwang, kittens available

Goldcharm Teddy (photo below) has produced one litter born May 26, 2012:
1) with AZFancyFace Katie (see Katie’s page for photos), owned by Janice Tyler, litter of six cream and cream/white kittens, check the kittens category for posts and photos. All kittens placed as pet but one, who is pending purchase as a breeder/show kitten.

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New photos of Katie x Teddy kittens

An update on the Katie x Teddy kittens. They are all males, all cream, a couple have white on them. Here is what they appear to be at this point

cream/white shorthair homozygous curly
cream/white shorthair curly
cream shorthair (maybe LH) straight
and 3 cream longhair curlies (like Teddy)

Here’s some new photos:

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