Information on Selkirk Rex cats and Links to breeders

Momo x Mushu kittens

Momo x Mushu kittens, 2013


* Breed profile for the Selkirk Rex (shorthair and longhair) at the website of The International Cat Assoc (TICA)

* Breed profile for Selkirk Rex at the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA)

* Animal Planet video of Selkirk Rex

* Selkirk info on

*  Selkirk info on Wikipedia


CA breeders:

Susens Selkirk Rex and British SH and LH

McCurls Selkirk Rex (facebook page)

KittiKat Selkirk Rex

Purrceptive Selkirk Rex

Lamancha Selkirk Rex (no longer breeding Selkirk but has several retirees available)




Berry – now called Ashes, living with her sister Hootie and owner Jane in San Diego.