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Video of LaMancha Kokomo

Video of Kokomo, aka Momo  

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Video of Goldcharm Teddy and CurlyBears Sassique

This is a video of Goldcharm Teddy and his Mom, CurlyBears Sassique taken when Teddy was about 6 months old.  

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Teddy x Katie kittens update

Well it looks like *all* six of the Teddy x Katie litter are males! There is one straight hair, the rest are curly, and at least one looks to be homozygous for curl. All are cream, one or two also … Continue reading

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Goldcharm Tiberius Rex

T-Rex is a kitten from the Sassique x Kokomo litter born May 2011. He owned and being shown by Jill Dickson in the “alter” class (spayed/neutered cats).

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CH Goldcharm Teddy

This is CH Goldcharm Teddy, longhair cream male Selkirk Rex born at Diana’s house (under the old cattery name Goldcharm), currently living at Catequil cattery in Iowa with Lynn Landers Dickinson.

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Katie’s kittens

AZFancyFace Katie has a new litter of six cream and cream/white kittens out of Teddy. Here is the first photo, more on coat type and sexes to come soon.

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CH CurlyBears Sassafras

CH CurlyBears Sassafras is the mother of CurlyBears Sassique of Goldcharm and CurlyBears Sasspirili of LaMancha. She lives with her breeder, Bobbie Squires of CurlyBears.

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AZFancyFace Katie

Also see Katie’s own page.

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CurlyBears Sassique

CurlyBears Sassique of Goldcharm(MakinWaves), retired

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