Feb 092017

RW SGC Dramatails Million Dollar Baby was returned to Dramatails in 2016 with a litter from Momo. Lucy is in the process of placing those kittens to show and pet homes. 

Momo has been neutered and I’ve kept two of the daughters born here – Lacy (previously Penne) and Violet. Lacy is spayed and Violet is, for now, not spayed. Noodles has moved to a great pet home in Reno, NV.

There are a number of Momo offspring currently being shown and doing extremely well, he should soon qualify for the TICA Outstanding Sire standing. More news and photos to come!

Noodles and Lacey

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May 012016

Way behind on news here! Momo and Baby had a really nice litter of six kittens Jan 20. As of today, two are still available.

Noodles, a cream tabby and white curly male, and Penne, a calico silver and white straight hair female. Both are *very* outgoing and toy hounds. If interested, use contact page to request more photos and videos.

Noodles and Penne:



Entire litter:


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Jul 052015

The TICA show season has ended, it was a great year for Momo – all in 3 shows! He got his Supreme Grand Champion title, a Regional win as 21st best shorthair cat in the SW region, and 10th best Selkirk Rex (shorthair) internationally. He’s not letting it go to his head though…


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Apr 102015

We had a good time at the cat show held at the Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, it was a little crazy, there were SO many spectators! There were hundreds of people that stopped at Momo’s cage and said “Oh my gosh is that cat real?” He loved all the attention…



Momo helping Sarah Ruttan with her breed seminar.

Taking a break from the adoring fans…


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Apr 052015

My friend Susan Senser took Momo to the CFA Crow Canyon show and he did great! Susan sent a couple photos during the show…

This judge placed him 2nd best shorthair and 3rd best all breed in championship class. Not sure how many cats overall but that’s good!



Momo got a best SH and best AB in champion class from judge David Mare at Crow Canyon CFA show!  

Thanks again to Susan and Meagan for showing him and giving me the play by play with text and photos.


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Apr 052015

Another Momo son, RW SGC Dramatails I am Legend, aka “Merlin”.

Mother is Dramatails Mystic River, aka “Mushu”, co-owned by Meagan Avants and Lucy Robinson of Dramatails.

Merlin is owned and shown by Susan Silva in the USA NW region. For the 2013-2014 TICA show year, Merlin was:

NW Region’s 19th best AB kitten, 5th best AB cat, and Best Selkirk Rex
Internationally 2nd best Selkirk Rex and Best lilac/white Selkirk Rex.



Mushu x Momo kittens

Mushu x Momo kittens

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Apr 052015

Momo will be attending the America’s Finest Felines / Kat Knappers Club show in Costa Mesa Apr 10-12. This show is in conjunction with the big Pet Expo. Stop by and say Hello if you have a chance! There will be lots of breed booths, information, and a (cat) kissing booth. 🙂

Info for cat show

Info for Pet Expo



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Apr 052015

A number of Kokomo offspring are doing really well in the showhalls. More to come (I’m way behind here…) but just a few of his gorgeous kids:

GC (CFA), SGC (TICA) Susens Halo McCurl, bred by Susan Senser,
co-owned with Meagan Avants and living with Meagan



(CFA) GP Curlybears Jamaica aka “Chubba”
bred by Bobbie Squires, being shown as an
alter/premier by owner Louanne Charvet Williamson



Curlybears Truffles, bred/owned by Bobbie Squires


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Apr 052015

Momo is now Supreme Grand Champion (SGC) Lamancha Kokomo of MakinWaves!

He obtained that title at the JazzyCats show in Sacramento this January.

Big thanks to Lorraine Shelton, who gave him best specialty (shorthair) cat in the show.


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Apr 092014

Momo made another appearance in the showhall last weekend, at the SilverCats TICA show in Carson City, Nevada. My friend Susan Senser took and showed him for me since I was doing photos at another show in California.

He got four finals and I believe that now makes him a TRC (triple grand champion).


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